Upper Body Toning Pectoral


Recommended Workouts for upper body toning of the pectoral area:

Taken from interview...

Q – Trey, before we begin discussing the workout for the upper body chest area, can you describe the different exercises for us? And, are most of these exercises standard? In other words, would our client find people doing the same exercises no matter what club or gym they go to?

Trey – Sure. Yes, the same basic exercises are pretty much universal and used everywhere. There are some variations, of course, but no matter what gym you choose, the same basic exercises will be used.

First of all, before I talk about upper body pectoral exercises the most important things to remember are the warm-up and cool-down.

These steps are very important.

You need to prepare your muscles for the workout and also give them a rest when you are finished with your routine.

Q – Is it true that there are exercises that target specific parts of the body?

Trey– Yes, that’s correct. To work on your chest fat you will do bench presses, incline bench presses, dumb bell flys and pullovers.

You will need a bench for all of these exercises as well as weights and a bar.

Let's get started:

Bench Press: Put the weights on the bar and lie on the bench so that the bar is just below the eyes. Grasp the bar keeping your arms aligned parallel to the nearest wall. Lift the bar and slowly lower it to your chest. Pause for a moment then raise the bar and lower it just before your arms lock in place. Don’t arch your back and keep your feet on the floor.

Oh, and your elbows need to be kept out.

Q - Incline Bench Press: Would it be correct to say that the incline bench press is the same as the regular bench press only done on an angle?

Trey – Almost but not quite. Yes, you need an incline bench but the exercise is slightly different. You need to lower the weight over the collar bone instead of your chest and lower closer to the chin. The incline will work much more of the upper chest- therefore helping cover any lower chest fat. This will help a lot when you are just trying to look better in a shirt.

Q – Okay, what’s next?

Trey – Dumb bell Flys:

All you need for this exercise is your bench and dumb bells. Lie on the bench and grab hold of the dumb bells. Hold them so that the front of your arm and your upper arm are making right angles. Try repeating this often to build and tone the upper pectoral section.

Q – Do you recommend any other exercises for the chest area?

Trey – Yes, this is another you might include.

Pullovers: You will need a bench and dumb bells for this exercise. Cross each hand over one another with each grasping a weight so your wrists crisscross. Feel your chest expand as you raise the weight until it is over your head.

I hoped that helped. But remember exercises alone will most of the time not get rid of chest fat. Yes... It will help the upper body toning pectoral section... But for the other side of the equation- check out the system at my website...


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