Male Gynecomastia Vest?

Should You Wear A Bra If
You Have Gynecomastia?



Should you wear a bra if you have gynecomastia? Every asked it?

Fact: Gynecomastia can be stubborn if not impossible to lose without surgery. I know I lived with what I thought was gynecomastia for 32 LONG years...

I checked into getting a male gynecomastia vest but refused to pay so much for so little...

The vest for male gynecomastia did tweak my interest especially in the winter time, but come summer what was I to do? Wear two shirts for the rest of my life...


If you are wanting to wear the bra or vest then here are some fitting instructions:

1. How to measure: First take a snug measurement under the bust line with a tape measure. Next take another measurement over the fullest part of your chest. Again not too tight but not too loose. Take the average of theses two measurements and apply the result to the scale provided below. Each style has a different scale based on the elasticity of the fabric used and the pattern of the cut, so please pay attention to sizing scale for each style.

2. Care For Your Gynecomastia Vest: You may hand wash or machine wash your vest or shirt but only in cold water. Use gentle cycle when
machine washing. Do not iron. Do not place your vest or shirt near any kind of heat source. Do not use any kind of bleach. Drip dry
or flat dry, do not place in the dryer.

3. How To Put On Your Male Gynecomastia Vest or Shirt: Tank top style compression shirts are slipped on just like a sweater or a t-shirt. In some cases, depending on your body type, if a compression shirt is too difficult to get on this way, simply step into the garment and pull it up. The vests have a three-way adjustment for tightness through a hook-n-eye closure system. You can attach several hooks and slip on your vest like a tank style shirt. After which you can then tighten by fastening the rest of the hooks. Or you may simply put this on like a regular vest and fasten the hooks one at a time.

Now, if that is you then just go to google and do a search for "male gynecomastia vest" and you should find plenty of distributors but I would give this last piece of advice...

Check out my system to lose them naturally- Sure, wear the vest while you're losing them- but you'll know that you can throw that vest away in a few weeks...


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