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"Chest Guru Receives Email From CEO
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I'm asked on a weekly basis from one of my members or a subscriber of my free report on man boobs about the gynexin pills...

What do I know about them? Gynexin does it work?

Short answer- I don't know. I've never used them. I lost my man boobs without using any gynecomastia supplements. Now, I've dedicated myself to helping guys naturally lose their chest fat.

I will share with you an email I received from the CEO of Gynexin:

Here it is:

"I wanted to write to you personally and introduce my company Zudker Medical and its amazing new product called Gynexin Alpha Formula.

We are the only company with an effective pill treatment for men who suffer from (gynecomastia) more commonly known as man boobs. Our customers are acquiring incredible results and continually reporting very positive feedback from day one of use.

I wanted to contact you because I know you are an authority in this
area and you provide your readers with the best up to date literature and unbiased reporting available online on this subject.

I was curious if you would consider critiquing our Gynexin product for your readers. We know it works and is 100% effective for men suffering symptoms of man boobs. I believe when you do the research and scrutinise our clinical studies you too will be a supporter of Gynexin.

Having the endorsement of an online authority such as yourself would be a great vote of confidence and build the awareness of treatments available to your readers.

I look forward to hearing back from you!


Mark Phelps
Zudker Medical Group


So I did some investigating and here is what some of the gynexin results that guys got:

"You may be interested in some feed back on your product Gynexin. I recently purchased a 4 bottle supply, and am just in the process of finishing my third bottle. Well where do I start? I have suffered from gynecomastia since I was a teenager (I am 26 now)

I have done all of the research, and have always been under the impression that surgery is the only answer. Since I have been dealing with this condition for so many years I have found many ways to avoid situations where I may have to take my shirt off in public etc. I have always wanted to be one of those guys who just takes his shirt off at the first sign of the sun, but unfortunately I have never really had that opportunity.

I even began body building in my late teens, thinking that I could build my chest and burn away my fatty tissue. I got in great shape but never managed to loose the breast tissue. When I began to take Gynexin, I felt an increase in my energy levels right away. Then after a couple of weeks I started to notice a tighter torso and the reduction in my body fat. Then around the beginning of the third month is when I really noticed a reduction in my gynecomastia symptoms.

My chest actually began to tighten up, and continues to do so.

Every morning I wake up and look in the mirror, excited about what
I'm seeing.. RESULTS. Now I can't wait till summer. Thank you.

Denver, CO.


My puffy nipples have disappeared and not returned since. I would recommend your product to anyone suffering from puffy nipples like me.

Drew H.
Salt Lake City


I was very skeptical about even trying an oral product to treat my
gynecomastia, and to be honest I have done plenty of research on my
condition over the years and I've always been led to believe that surgery was my only option. It seems that the internet is flooded with websites of cosmetic surgeons offering their services, but I could never find an alternative until I finally stumbled across a product called Alexia (the female version of Gynexin).

After a quick enquiry I was turned onto Gynexin, the rest is history... no pun intended! It took about 3 and a half weeks before I started to physically see results it's been about 6 months now and I couldn't be happier.. Now its time to learn how to swim!

David Shannon
Long Beach, California


The best thing about Gynexin is that is WORKS FAST. My chest is now ripped. There are no signs of my old man boobs. I'm so glad I was referred to your product. This supplement will make such a difference to so many men out there.

Miami, Florida


These were testimonials came from their website.


So, what if my system hadn't worked for me? Would I have tried the pills? You better believe it. Wouldn't you? Before spending thousands on surgery.

Here's the page if you want to take a look...

Gynexin vs Ultimate Gynemax


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Go see for yourself.  In short it has everything to do with the ingredients. 3 patented exclusive ingredients.

I've already seen a few copycat products coming out... DO NOT TOUCH THEM!

How much do I like this one? Go see for yourself. It'll save you forty bucks...


Another one that has taken the stage is Gynexerol. Bottom line: Through all the hype- check out the ingredients. That is the only thing that matters. What do the case studies show? And when I look at it that way- Ultimate GyneMax rules.







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