In 5 Short Weeks...

I was so excited about finally wearing tank tops... I got a tattoo!


Before right side                           After right side                                Before left side                              After left side


"Your program is solid and I am beginning
to see results during the first week."

Hey Trey,

I came to you with a problem-----one that I hadn't been able to discuss with anyone before.

When my young grandson informed me that it was funny the way "my boobs bounced when I laughed", I knew the time for delay was over. Simply wearing a shirt all the time wasn't gonna make the problem go away. Your program is solid and I am beginning to see results during the first week.

I also want to thank you for treating me like a man, instead of just another open wallet or credit card.

I know you must be extremely busy; but the time you spent explaining the program to me never felt rushed. In fact, just the opposite was relaxed that I was comfortable asking all the questions that have been bugging me for so long.

My wife is thrilled with the new "physical and mental me".

Just wanted to say "thanks, and thanks again".

Fred Hoffman
Woodruff, SC 29388


Or listen to Richard who started LESS than ONE week ago...


"I have started the exercise program,
and I am already seeing results"

Just a quick note to say thanks for the encouraging e-mails, they do help keep me motivated !

I am now ready to get rid of as much flab on my chest and abdomen, as I can.

I have started the exercise program, and I am already seeing results.  The emotional aspects of the chest flab has been holding me back since being an over-weight teenager. I know you can relate, I could tell that you had experienced much of the same thing.

Thanks for inspiring me along the way...

Richard in Asheville, NC


"From approx. 15% bodyfat down to 9.8%"

My name is Lee and I'm a subscriber to your newsletter and I've purchased your system. I found it very useful and informative.

I followed your diet and eating plan, combined with a very intense workout plan, and have noticed great results in my overall physique. I went from approx. 15% body fat down to 9.8% in about 7 months. I even have a well defined "four pack"!

Please keep up the great work, and please know that you made a positive impact in many guys, physically and mentally with your honesty and research.


Lee, Costa Mesa, CA.


You know I've got to tell you what my wife thought... since that was the person I was doing it for- well, second person...


"I Got Myself a New Husband... "

After 13 years of marriage I got myself a new husband!

Trey told me he was going to get rid of his man boobs but I didn't believe it was possible... But, incredibly in five short weeks he did just that... He now thinks more about my chest... than his own.

After all this time I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to have a CONFIDENT man in my bed every night, if you know what I mean... ;-)

-Sherrie Jones



Discover The Exact Tips, Tricks, and Techniques To Eliminate
Chest Fat From Your Life – TODAY!


 "I'm down 3 pounds and have a
target goal of 5 pounds this week..."

The system is Great. I like the way you take out all of the Bull "Verbal Diarrhea" and get straight to the point. The foundational information is great as it tells you to be consistent but don't be afraid to switch up over the first couple weeks to see what works for you.

At this point I am down 3 pounds and have a target goal of 5 pounds this week.

I am a global thinker and this has allowed me to come down to ground level and work inch by inch. This is great. Check back in a couple of months to see the NEW me..."

Thanks for your support!

- Greg H. Charlotte N.C.


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Before you decide to buy, remember that your life is going to change. You'll need to buy new shirts in smaller sizes and get used to some extra attention. You're going to get more attention, at least for a little while. Until they get used to the NEW you.

What I mean by this is that anytime something changes, people respond, it's just the way it is. So, when you drop the chest fat, people are going to come up to you and ask you about it.

Secondly, you're going to feel much more confident.

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"80% of success is merely showing up" - Woody Allen

What can you do when your man boobs are gone? Plenty! Just imagine...

The freedom to play with your kids... OR

Hang out with your friends... anywhere... AND

Finally enjoy being YOU...